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version (7.41 KB) by Martin Mityska
MSEED vectorised reading routine


Updated 25 Feb 2019

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Script reads MSEED file and returns record structure.
Whole MSEED file is loaded to memory and
the file is processed in memory.
Loops are vectorised as much as possible. This version is optimalized for speed and supports only subset of MSEED format.
Chunks in traces are assumed to be saved chronologicaly. Interlaced traces are not supported. All traces in the file are assumed to have just one encoding type. Usage of more than one encoding format in the file is not supported yet. Only DATAONLY blockett is supported yet.
Supported data encoding formats:
big endian, little endian
Code is partially based on rdmmseed.m by
Franois Beauducel <>
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris.

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Martin Mityska (2020). ReadMSEEDFast (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Thank you very much. It really helps to save time to read. Would you please help to explain why sometimes I have erroes with some files among my 150 mseed files and the error is
'Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds.
Error in ReadMSEEDFast>DecodeSignal (line 309)
Error in ReadMSEEDFast (line 174)
Error in Mseedfile (line 23)
AA = ReadMSEEDFast(string(fileList(k))); '

Thank you very much

Please let me know if you find any problems with the script (I don't check this site regularly). MSeed data can be quite versatile and your report can help to improve the code. (There is my email address in the profile.). Thanks, Martin.


Thank your for the code.

however i have 2 questions:

- Why opening the same seed file with rdmseed.m and ReadMSEEDFast.m does not give the same number of samples

datardmseed = cat(1,DAT(:).d);

> size(datardmseed)=3235801

dataFast =;

> size(dataFast)=3235833

See diff here:

- and I would like to recover the time vector but matlabTimeVector: [ ] is empty.

Thank you for any help

dmi pr

Replace lines 420-425 with the following memory pre-allocation optimization:

trace = zeros(length(find(~isnan(blockMatrix))),1);
timeVector = zeros(length(find(~isnan(blockMatrix))),1);
for i=1:size(blockMatrix,2)
column = blockMatrix(~isnan(blockMatrix(:,i)),i);
column = cumsum([x0(i);column(2:numel(column))]);
timeVector(trn:trn+size(column,1)-1,1)=[mdate(i) + (0:(numel(column)-1))'./(double(sampleRateChunks(i)).*86400)];
trace(trn:trn+size(column,1)-1,1) = column;

then change the function's name to ReadMSEEDSuperFast :D


ming gao

Rafa Abella

Very useful when you have gaps in the series
Thanks for all

Thanks for your contribution. Works very fast.

very good

The idea is good.
you want to insert processing cases when the value of "sameChannelRows" empty


Bug fixed - the first blockett sequence number does not start with no 1 for some MSEED files. The first part of the record was missing in that case. Decoding is then started from the 1st blockett in the file.

Accidentally, the version for older Matlab was published. Corrected now - this is a version for Matlab R2014 and newer.

File with fixed bug loaded now.

Bug fixed - time stamps routine neglected fractions of seconds from MSEED block headers. Fractions of seconds added now.

matlabTimeVector field added.
- time stamps for each data sample generated from MSEED header blocks.
For usage in older Matlab versions if function bitcmpOld raises an error, uncomment line 204 and comment out the rest of the bitcmpOld function.

Support for multiple logical volumes in MSEED file added.
Bug fixed.
For usage in older Matlab versions if function bitcmpOld raises an error, uncomment line 197 and comment out the rest of the bitcmpOld function.

Division changed to element-wise. Change of line 479.
Old code: sampleRate = 1/(sampleRateFactor.*sampleRateMultiplier);
New Code: sampleRate = 1./(sampleRateFactor.*sampleRateMultiplier);

Added bitcmpOld(A,N) function to mimic old funcionality of bitcmp(A,N) which is deprected now.
Important for usage in new MATLABs like version R2014.


The former script was able to load 4096 bytes block size volumes only (recommended value according to IRIS specification). The new one fixes this issue. The block size check is peformed prior to the MSEED processing.

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Created with R2014a
Compatible with any release
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