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Simulink Report Generator for Requirements-Based Testing

version (83 KB) by Mike Anthony
An example of using Simulink Report Generator and MATLAB scripting to automate testing


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This example assumes that a Simulink model represents a detailed design that satisfies the requirements in the associated Microsoft WORD document. Furthermore, as set of test cases for these textual requirements has been authored in the included Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet.
This example shows how to use a combination of MATLAB scripting and Simulink Report Generator to automate the following verification tasks:
1. Import the test cases from EXCEL
2. Run simulations in Simulink using the imported data
3. Compare the output of the Simulink simulation to the expected outputs in the test cases
4. Create a report documenting the testing procedure and success of each test cases.
5. Include links in the test report to the Model Coverage report and a Simulink Web View.

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Mike Anthony (2020). Simulink Report Generator for Requirements-Based Testing (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (3)


The idea is good but there are few comments.It is not working properly.

Giacomo Faggiani

The idea seems good but the example is really a draft. There is no help, comments or any kind of instruction to run it.
Moreover some undefined parameters are used so scripts do not run out of the box.

Soner Özdemir

Thank you for the files.
I want to ask a question:
I try to manipulate the report generator file to make it generic. I mean a test engineer can test every testharness model with the properly supplied test data.
Under model description part there are two model loops. I want to insert a command to make it user selectable. I tried:
[expModel, pathname] = uigetfile({'*.slx';'*.mdl';'*.*'},'Select the test harness model');

but couldnt obtain a solution. How can i make the model loop model user selectable with a user interface?

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