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HDL Coder Support Package for Intel SoC Devices

Generate code for the FPGA portion of the Altera SoC.


Updated 11 Sep 2019

HDL Coder™ Support Package for Altera® SoC Platform supports the generation of IP cores that can be integrated into FPGA designs using Altera Qsys®. When used in combination with the Embedded Coder® Support Package for Altera SoC Platform, this solution can program the Altera SoC using C and HDL code generation. The hardware/software codesign workflow spans simulation, prototyping, verification, and implementation.

This support package is functional for R2014b and beyond.

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It doesn't support R2017a:
"HDL Coder Support Package for Altera SoC Platform is not available for this release of MATLAB"

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014b
Compatible with R2014b to R2019b
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux
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