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The calculation of the gradient

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Corona has caused the loss of electrical power transmission lines will also reduce efficiency.


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The calculation of the gradient of the surface of the conductor (transmission lines) than the radius of the conductor changes
In electricity, a corona discharge is an electrical discharge brought on by the ionization of a fluid surrounding a conductor that is electrically energized. The discharge will occur when the strength (potential gradient) of the electric field around the conductor is high enough to form a conductive region, but not high enough to cause electrical breakdown or arcing to nearby objects. It is often seen as a bluish (or other color) glow in the air adjacent to pointed metal conductors carrying high voltages. Spontaneous corona discharges are undesirable where they waste power in high-voltage systems or where the high chemical activity in a corona discharge creates objectionable or hazardous compounds, such as ozone. Controlled corona discharges are used in a variety of filtration, printing and other processes.
Corona discharge is a process by which a current flows from an electrode with a high potential into a neutral fluid, usually air, by ionizing that fluid so as to create a region of plasma around the electrode. The ions generated eventually pass charge to nearby areas of lower potential, or recombine to form neutral gas molecules.

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