Non-ideal Ethanol(1)/Water(2) Pxy Diagram

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Generate a Pxy Diagram using non-ideal Bubble P calculations for a given T

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The following functions and descriptions are found in the code:
% This is a non-ideal Bubble Point Pressure (BUBL P) calculation
% for the ethanol(1)/water(2) system at temperature T (degC) at
% various fractions of alcohol, x. The output is a Pxy diagram.
% Try: >> EthanolWaterPxy(90)

% This is a BUBL P calculation for ethanol(1)/water(2) using
% SRK EOS and Wilson Equation at T degC. The flowchart used
% is in Figure 14.1 in [1], while mixing rules were taken from
% Equations 14.42-44. Other constants are taken from [2].
% Author: Karl Pilario
% References:
% [1] Smith, Van Ness, Abbott, “Introduction to Chemical
% Engineering Thermodynamics,” 7th Ed., (2005).
% [2] Perry's Chemical Engineering Handbook, 8th Ed.

I hope the code is understandable enough to be changed so as to apply to different binary systems, as well as different choice of equation of state or method of calculating activity coefficients.

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