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k-Nearest Neighbors (kNN) Classifier

version 2.2.1 (35.8 KB) by David Ferreira
Multi-class Classification with the kNN


Updated 28 Oct 2020

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1. kNNeighbors.predict(_)
2. kNNeighbors.find(_)

1. Returns the estimated labels of one or multiple test instances.
2. Returns the indices and the respective distances of the k nearest training instances.

Examples using Iris Data Set

load fisheriris

X = meas;
Y = species;
Xnew = [min(X);mean(X);max(X)];
k = 5;
metric = 'euclidean';

mdl = kNNeighbors(k,metric);
mdl =,Y);
Ypred = mdl.predict(Xnew)

Ypred =


Ynew = {'versicolor';'versicolor';'virginica'};
accuracy = accuracy_score(Ypred,Ynew)

accuracy =


See examples in the script files.

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David Ferreira (2019). k-Nearest Neighbors (kNN) (, MathWorks. Retrieved January 23, 2019.

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