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version 2.2.0 (3.07 KB) by Riccardo Marcaccioli
This function gives the P-value prescribed by the Polya Filter for each link of the given network W.


Updated 21 Feb 2019

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PF.m gives the P-value prescribed by the Polya Filter for each link of the network (given the adjacency matrix W and a value for the free parameter a). If the passed value of a is negative, it performs the ML estimation using the get_ML_estimate.m function

get_ML_estimate.m finds the maximum likelihood estimates for the the free parameter a

NOTE: the maximum likelihood estimate are just a possible way to fix the free parameter, other viable options are presented in the paper where the PF is presented :
"A Pólya urn approach to information filtering in complex networks" by R. Marcaccioli and G. Livan available at

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Marcaccioli, Riccardo, and Giacomo Livan. “A Pólya Urn Approach to Information Filtering in Complex Networks.” Nature Communications, vol. 10, no. 1, Springer Nature, Feb. 2019, doi:10.1038/s41467-019-08667-3.

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P is a Lx1 vector, with L being the number of links of the network

Fabio Vanni

Great paper and method.
However, what is the dimension and the structure of the output P?



Fixed minor problem due to update 2.1


Merged in one single function


Fixed minor issue with the code, added the function taking the ML estimates

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