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Fast Global Stiffness Matrix Assembly

version 1.0.0 (1.2 KB) by Ayad Al-Rumaithi
Generates global stiffness matrix from elements stiffness matrices in a fast way


Updated 01 Mar 2019

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function K=Fast_Matrix_Assembly(Elements)

Elements: a structure contains Elements{i}.K and Elements{i}.DOFs (Stiffness and Degrees of freedoms of the ith element).

K: Sparse global stiffness matrix

Cuvelier, François, Caroline Japhet, and Gilles Scarella. "An efficient way to perform the assembly of finite element matrices in Matlab and Octave." arXiv preprint arXiv:1305.3122 (2013).

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Comments and Ratings (7)

Dear Anilcan Taner,
Elements{i}.K should be the stiffness matrix of ith element .Elements{i}.DOFs degrees of freedom vector of the ith element.
in your example it could be:
Elements{1}.DOFs=[5 1 6];
Elements{2}.DOFs=[6 1 2];

I am having problem with inputs for example;

i have 3x3 matrices named as KK{i} which i=1:9

but I am a bit lost with putting it to the code

Are you able to give an example of an input? I am trying to run this for a 3D frame model. Thanks in advance

Yes. It can be used with any type of elements

can this be used for 3-D elements?

Thank you

Very useful. Very fast

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