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Light beam deflection animation

version 2.0 (1.84 KB) by Mathworlds
A function to make a gif animation of some light beams deflected by the gravity field of a star.


Updated 04 Jan 2021

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For pedagogic / scientific diffusion purposes.

F5 in Light_beam_deflection.m to run the main program and create the animation file named 'Light_beam_gravity_deflection.gif' that will appear in the same directory as you registered this .m file.

Some parameters -like the one for display- may be tuned in the file header
For instance set cmap to false to disable the colormap and the colorbar.

To benefit from all the file information, be sure to download the file, not to just copy and paste it.

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Mathworlds (2021). Light beam deflection animation (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Very nice! Happy New Year Mathworlds

Alex Suchik

it's an interesting information

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