fitVirusCV19v3 (COVID-19 SIR Model)

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Estimation of coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic evaluation by the SIR model, Code receives and plots most recent data from HDX.

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Actualizada 3 May 2020

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This code will retrieve recent data from the HDX and attempt to fit it to a SIR model using structure created by Milan Batista ( The model is data-driven, so its forecast is as good as data are. Also, it is assumed that the model is a reasonable description of the one-stage epidemic.

Results are saved in structure res (see function fiVirusCV19 header). Optionally the results may be printed by:


The plot may be enabled or disabled via (default is on):

To plot the growth rate on the figure use (def value is 2)

To plot the R0 as a function of time

A more detailed description can be found in:
Examples can be found in:

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Joshua McGee (2022). fitVirusCV19v3 (COVID-19 SIR Model) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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