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version 0.38 (1.33 MB) by Jacob Bowen
A mean linear intercept (MLI) method program for analysing micrographs of any type.


Updated 05 May 2020

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ManSeg is GUI based program for applying the mean linear intercept (MLI) method for analysing micrographs of any type where by eye it is possible to distinguish grain or phase boundaries in metals or ceramics.

The graphical user interface is designed to take the less boring bits out of counting thousands of particles. The philosophy behind ManSeg is that the software detects all possible interfaces on a test line and the user choses which ones are the real interfaces with a series of yes / no answers. That is, the user takes full repsonsibility for each and every boundary, ManSeg takes no responsibility for segmenting images - hence the name being derived from "The Manual Segmneter". ManSeg does all the book keeping and spits out the statistics and has the capability to handle materials with up to 10 different phases.

ManSeg reads and parses Zeiss, Thermo Fisher and Hitachi SEM images to automatically extract and calibrate the image pixel size.

Video tutorial is here:

The foundation of ManSeg was established in the RELHY project ( funded by the FP7-ENERGY - Specific Programme "Cooperation": Energy under the topic of ENERGY-2007-1.2-01 - New materials and processes for advanced electrolysers.

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Comments and Ratings (2)

Jacob Bowen

Hi Bruno,
Thanks for the feedback. Yes you can manually override the pixel size with the corresponding slider or type it in manually. If your images have the pixel size in the header of the image or if there is an accompanying textfile (like Hitachi) then it is not difficult to add the relevant code to parse the image metadata. If you send me one of your images i can look at it (
Kind regards

Bruno Melo

Hi Jacob,

Very useful contribution. It seems to be a very powerful analysis software for particle size.
I would like to use this, however, our SEM is not from Zeiss, Thermo Fisher, or Hitachi.
Any change I can make it work to a regular micrograph tiff file? Can I set the pixelsize and other needed parameters manually in the editor?

Thank you in advance.

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