Speed Control of BLDC Motor using Current Controller

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I have design the Current Controller for BLDC. To check the correctness of it I have given a random drive cycle and getting same result .

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This model is used for closed loop control of BLDC motor using Current Controller.For Current Controller we need three inputs like reference torque,hall sensor signals and reference current. The reference torque is obtained by speed controller. In speed controller we are comparing reference speed and actual speed. The error generated is given to PI controller.The ouput of PI controller is reference torque. The reference current and actual current are compared and error generated is given to hysteresis controller. The hysteresis controller switch ON and OFF according to change in current. In these way we are generating pulses for inverter switches.

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Sheikh Mohammad Sajid (2022). Speed Control of BLDC Motor using Current Controller (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/95053-speed-control-of-bldc-motor-using-current-controller), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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