Open-Loop Steering Simple

This example simulates a simple vehicle with an open loop sinusoidal steering input.


Simulation models and parameters

First, all classes of the package are imported with

clear ; close all ; clc

import VehicleDynamicsLateral.*

Tire and vehicle model

Choosing tire and vehicle model. In this case, the parameters are defined by the user.

% Choosing tire
TireModel = TirePacejka();
% Choosing vehicle
System = VehicleSimpleNonlinear();

% Tire model and friction
System.tire = TireModel;
System.muy  = 1.0;

Simulation parameters

Choosing simulation time span

T = 4;                      % Total simulation time [s]
resol = 50;                 % Resolution
TSPAN = 0:T/resol:T;        % Time span [s]

Open-loop steering input

Steering angle

System.deltaf = 1*pi/180*sin(T^-1*2*pi*TSPAN);

Run simulation

To define a simulation object (simulator) the arguments must be the vehicle object and the time span.

simulator = Simulator(System, TSPAN);

% Simulation


% Retrieving states
XT      = simulator.XT;
YT      = simulator.YT;
PSI     = simulator.PSI;
VEL     = simulator.VEL;
ALPHAT  = simulator.ALPHAT;
dPSI    = simulator.dPSI;

xlabel('time [s]')
ylabel('Steering angle [deg]')

Frame and animation

g = Graphics(simulator);
g.TractorColor = 'r';

% g.Animation('html/OpenLoopSteeringSimple');       % Uncomment to save animation gif

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