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Slope of the current line.

getslope displays the equation of the current line of the figure. Use 
the menu 'Insert > Line' to draw a line first. getslope allows for 
rough curve fitting "by eye". You may also use the shortcut Ctrl+G if 
the Ezyfit menu has been installed (see efmenu). 
Depending of the axis types, the equation of the line will be: 
     Y = N*X+A         for X linear and Y linear 
     Y = A*X^N         for X log and Y log 
     Y = A*EXP(N*X)    for X linear and Y log 
     Y = A+N*LOG(X)    for X log and Y linear (LOG = natural logarithm) 
getslope('Property1',...) specifies the display mode: 
     'figure'   output the result in the figure (by default) 
     'command'  output the result in the command window 
     'nodisplay'  no output 
     'slope'    displays only the slope N (by default). 
     'equation' displays the full equation (e.g., N*X+A) 
[N, A] = getslope(...) also returns the parameters N and A of the 
See Also
showslope, getlineinfo, plotsample, rmfit, efmenu. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo getslope 

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