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Log-log scale plot for positive and negative data.

loglogpn(...) is the same as LOGLOG(...), except that the Y data 
may have positive and negative values. This is useful to detect 
unexpected negative values in the Y data (causing repeated 'Negative 
data ignored' warnings), or to visualize the magnitude of an 
oscillating signal in log scale. 
loglogpn(X,Y) plots X versus Y in log-log scale, where Y may have 
positive and negative values. By default, negative values are ploted 
with dashed lines and positive values with full lines. If X is not 
specified, Y is plotted versus its index. 
loglogpn(X,Y,LineSpecPos,LineSpecNeg) specifies LineSpecPos and 
LineSpecNeg for the line types, marker symbols and colors for the 
positive and negative values of Y. For instance, 
loglogpn(X,Y,'ro-','b*') plots the positive Y with red line and 'o' 
markers and the negative Y with blue stars '*'. If only LineSpecPos 
is specified, the same is taken for LineSpecNeg, with a different 
sets property values for all lineseries graphics objects created by 
loglogpn. See the line reference page for more information. 
[HP, HN] = loglogpn(...) returns the handles to the two lineseries 
graphics objects. 
   x = linspace(1,10,200); 
   y = sin(x*2)./x; 
   axis([1 10 1e-2 1]); 
   [hp, hn] = loglogpn(x,y,'k'); 
   set(hp, 'LineWidth', 1); 
   set(hn, 'LineWidth', 2); 
See Also
LOGLOG, SEMILOGY, semilogypn. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo loglogpn 

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