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Picks data from the active curve.

[X,Y] = pickdata returns the data (X,Y) from the active curve. If 
several curves are present and none is selected, the first one is 
picked (see fitparam to change this default setting). 
If some data are selected using the "Brushing" tool of Matlab 
(works only for versions >= 7.6), only those "brushed" data are 
[X,Y] = pickdata(H) returns the data (X,Y) of the curve specified by 
the handle H (eg, GCF, GCO etc). GCF, the current figure, is taken by 
For histograms, the X data are taken at the middle of the bins. 
[X,Y,H] = pickdata(...) also returns the handle to the current curve. 
See Also
showfit, ezfit. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo pickdata 

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