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Display a sample plot.

plotsample displays some noisy sample data. Try to fit the data with 
showfit or SELECTFIT, following the instructions given in the command 
window. The sample data is chosen randomly among the 10 predefined 
plots described below. 
plotsample is also available from the item 'Plot Sample' of the EzyFit 
menu (see efmenu). 
plotsample(OPT)  specifies the sample plot: 
  'power':   noisy power law 
  'linear':  noisy data to be fitted by a linear function 
  'osc':     oscillations 
  'damposc': damped oscillations 
  'cste':    noisy constant 
  'exp':     noisy exponential decay 
  'hist':    histogram of 1000 realizations of a random variable 
  'hist2':   histogram with two gaussian peaks. 
  'powco':   noisy power law with an exponential cut-off. 
  'poly2':   3 curves to be fitted by a 2nd order polynomial fit 
plotsample(N) specifies the number of the sample plot (1 to 10). 
plotsample(...,'fit') also displays the fit. 
plotsample(...,'nodisp') does not display the help text in the command 
[X,Y] = plotsample(...) also returns the sample data (this is 
equivalent to plotsample; [X,Y] = pickdata;). 
    plotsample power fit 
    (it shows a power law and fits it). 
See Also
showfit, ezfit, pickdata, efmenu. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo plotsample 

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