Read, analyze, and visualize genomic and proteomic data

Bioinformatics Toolbox provides algorithms and apps for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), microarray analysis, mass spectrometry, and gene ontology. Using toolbox functions, you can read genomic and proteomic data from standard file formats such as SAM, FASTA, CEL, and CDF, as well as from online databases such as the NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus and GenBank®. You can explore and visualize this data with sequence browsers, spatial heatmaps, and clustergrams. The toolbox also provides statistical techniques for detecting peaks, imputing values for missing data, and selecting features.

You can combine toolbox functions to support common bioinformatics workflows. You can use ChIP-Seq data to identify transcription factors; analyze RNA-Seq data to identify differentially expressed genes; identify copy number variants and SNPs in microarray data; and classify protein profiles using mass spectrometry data.

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Next Generation Sequencing Analysis

Use algorithms and visualization techniques for Next Generation Sequencing analysis.

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Microarray Data Analysis and Visualization

Analyze and comprehend raw microarray data.

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Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis

Use the set of functions for mass spectrometry data analysis.

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Graph Theory, Statistical Learning, and Gene Ontology

Apply basic graph theory to sparse matrices, use classification and statistical learning algorithms, and access the Gene Ontology database.

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Sequence Analysis

Perform sequence analysis and use visualization tools for genomic and proteomic sequence data.

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Data Import and Application Deployment

Access standard file formats for biological data, online databases, and Web sites. Turn your data analysis program into a software application.

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