Use ThingSpeak and a Raspberry Pi to build a car counter.
Connect devices or applications to ThingSpeak, an open data platform for the Internet of Things.
Utilize a USB webcam and Computer Vision Toolbox™ to detect faces within a video feed. The ThingSpeak™ IoT platform is used to track the number of people by transferring data to the cloud.
Utilize a Raspberry Pi camera board along with MATLAB and Simulink to build a security system.
The term Internet of Things is increasingly used to describe the interconnectedness of embedded devices and the Internet. These devices can communicate with each other and often collect sensor data,...
See how a robotic arm is lifting an object and placing it on top of another while being controlled from a remote location.
Predict the health condition and time to failure of an industrial duct fan using MATLAB and ThingSpeak. Develop algorithms based on measured vibration data from the fan and execute these predictive algorithms as the data streams into ThingSpeak.