Designing Distributed Systems

SimEvents®, together with MATLAB®, Simulink®, and Stateflow®, provides a graphical environment for building transaction-level models of distributed control systems, communication systems, networks, and systems-on-chips (SoCs). Transaction-level models help you evaluate architecture designs based on performance characteristics such as end-to-end latencies, throughput, and packet loss.

Build System Architecture Models for Performance Analysis

SimEvents provides the flexibility to model buffers, processors, communication buses, and other components at the high level of abstraction required for system performance analysis.

Analyze and Visualize System Simulation Results

You can use a single set of tools for simulation and data analysis. You can simulate the architecture model and use built-in visualization capabilities to gain insight into buffer length, processor utilization, end-to-end latency, and other performance characteristics. With in-model animation, you can examine model execution behavior during simulation. You can use MATLAB to customize analysis and visualization of simulation data during and after simulation.

Generate Traffic Patterns Based on Real-World Data

You can import real-world data to generate realistic traffic patterns as input to transaction-level models of system architectures. With a few lines of MATLAB code, you can import data from virtually any format, including XML files, spreadsheets, and databases.