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MATLAB Code Analysis

Identify and fix issues in MATLAB® code that prevent C/C++ code generation

Successful C/C++ code generation from MATLAB code depends on compliance with code generation rules and limitations. For example, your MATLAB code must only use MATLAB functions and toolbox functions supported for code generation. To identify and fix issues with your MATLAB code, prior to C/C++ code generation, you can use the Code Analyzer and Code Readiness Tool. To check that your MATLAB code produces generated code that works as expected, generate and execute a MEX function, which is executable and testable in the MATLAB environment.


coder.runTestRun test replacing calls to MATLAB functions with calls to MEX functions
coder.screenerDetermine if function is suitable for code generation
getLineColumnFind locations of beginning and end of MATLAB code involved in code generation
textReportExport code generation readiness report to base workspace as a character vector (Since R2022a)


coder.CallSite Properties Information about a function call site in your MATLAB code (Since R2022a)
coder.CodeFile PropertiesDescription of file containing text that is involved in code generation
coder.File PropertiesDescription of file without text that is involved in code generation
coder.Message PropertiesDescription of message produced during code generation readiness analysis or during code generation
coder.ScreenerInfo PropertiesCode generation readiness information (Since R2022a)


MATLAB Code Analysis Basics

Code Analyzer

Code Readiness Tool

MEX Function Testing