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Connect to Database and Import Data Interactively

Connect to and import data from relational database into MATLAB® workspace using Database Explorer app

Database Toolbox™ enables you to create SQL queries by building them visually using the Database Explorer app. To import data into the MATLAB workspace, first configure and connect to a data source, then create an SQL query and import the data.


Database ExplorerConfigure, explore, and import database data


SQL Query Basics

Data Import Using Database Explorer App or Command Line

Learn the best way to import data from your database into MATLAB.

Configure Data Source and Import Data

Configuring Driver and Data Source

Install drivers and configure data sources for your database environment.

Connecting to Database

After configuring a driver and data source, connect to your database.

Create SQL Queries Using Database Explorer App

Create SQL queries in the same database, different catalogs or schemas, or different databases.

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