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Workflow to Price an Equity, Commodity, or FX Instrument

Price a Vanilla option with the Black-Scholes closed form formula. For more information on the supported equity, commodity, or FX instruments, see Choose Instruments, Models, and Pricers.

Price Vanilla Instrument Using BlackScholes Model and BlackScholes Pricer

This example shows the workflow to price a Vanilla instrument when you use a BlackScholes model and a BlackScholes pricing method.

Create Vanilla Instrument Object

Use fininstrument to create a Vanilla instrument object.

VanillaOpt = fininstrument("Vanilla",'ExerciseDate',datetime(2018,5,1),'Strike',29,'OptionType',"put",'ExerciseStyle',"european",'Name',"vanilla_option")
VanillaOpt = 
  Vanilla with properties:

       OptionType: "put"
    ExerciseStyle: "european"
     ExerciseDate: 01-May-2018
           Strike: 29
             Name: "vanilla_option"

Create BlackScholes Model Object

Use finmodel to create a BlackScholes model object.

BlackScholesModel = finmodel("BlackScholes",'Volatility',0.25)
BlackScholesModel = 
  BlackScholes with properties:

     Volatility: 0.2500
    Correlation: 1

Create ratecurve Object

Create a flat ratecurve object using ratecurve.

Settle = datetime(2018,1,1);
Maturity = datetime(2019,1,1);
Rate = 0.05;
myRC = ratecurve('zero',Settle,Maturity,Rate,'Basis',1)
myRC = 
  ratecurve with properties:

                 Type: "zero"
          Compounding: -1
                Basis: 1
                Dates: 01-Jan-2019
                Rates: 0.0500
               Settle: 01-Jan-2018
         InterpMethod: "linear"
    ShortExtrapMethod: "next"
     LongExtrapMethod: "previous"

Create BlackScholes Pricer Object

Use finpricer to create a BlackScholes pricer object and use the ratecurve object for the 'DiscountCurve' name-value pair argument.

outPricer = finpricer("analytic",'DiscountCurve',myRC,'Model',BlackScholesModel,'SpotPrice',30,'DividendValue',0.045)
outPricer = 
  BlackScholes with properties:

    DiscountCurve: [1x1 ratecurve]
            Model: [1x1 finmodel.BlackScholes]
        SpotPrice: 30
    DividendValue: 0.0450
     DividendType: "continuous"

Price Vanilla Instrument

Use price to compute the price and sensitivities for the Vanilla instrument.

[Price, outPR] = price(outPricer,VanillaOpt,["all"])
Price = 1.2046
outPR = 
  priceresult with properties:

       Results: [1x7 table]
    PricerData: []

ans=1×7 table
    Price      Delta       Gamma      Lambda      Vega       Rho       Theta 
    ______    ________    ________    _______    ______    _______    _______

    1.2046    -0.36943    0.086269    -9.3396    6.4702    -4.0959    -2.3107

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