Data Quantizing

Quantization functions


castCast variable to different data type
cast64BitFiToIntCast fi object types that can be exactly represented to a 64-bit integer data type
cast64BitIntToFiCast 64-bit integer types to an equivalent fi object type
castFiToIntCast fi object to equivalent integer data type
castFiToMATLABCast fi object type to an equivalent built-in MATLAB data type
castIntToFiCast an integer data type to equivalent fi type
copyobjMake independent copy of quantizer object
quantizeQuantize fixed-point numbers
fixed.QuantizerQuantize fixed-point numbers
quantizerConstruct quantizer object
quantize methodApply quantizer object to data
quantizenumericQuantize numeric data
randquantGenerate uniformly distributed, quantized random number using quantizer object
unitquantizeQuantize except numbers within eps of +1
unitquantizerConstructor for unitquantizer object