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Define Datetime Array Inputs

You can define datetime array inputs at the command line. Programmatic specification of datetime input types by using preconditioning (assert statements) is not supported.

Define Datetime Array Inputs at the Command Line

Use one of these procedures:

Alternatively, if you have a test file that calls your entry-point function with example inputs, you can determine the input types by using coder.getArgTypes.

Provide an Example Datetime Array Input

Use the -args option:

D = datetime(2019,1:12,1,12,0,0);
fiaccel myFunction -args {D}

Provide a Datetime Array Type

To provide a type for a datetime array to fiaccel:

  1. Define a datetime array. For example:

    D = datetime(2019,1:12,1,12,0,0);

  2. Create a type from D.

    t = coder.typeof(D);

  3. Pass the type to fiaccel by using the -args option.

    fiaccel myFunction -args {t}

Provide a Constant Datetime Array Input

To specify that a datetime array input is constant, use coder.Constant with the -args option:

D = datetime(2019,1:12,1,12,0,0);
fiaccel myFunction -args {coder.Constant(C)}

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