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Matrox Acquisition – matroxcam Object vs videoinput Object

The Image Acquisition Toolbox™ includes a separate interface for use with Matrox® frame grabbers. This interface is designed for Matrox hardware and supports more Matrox-specific functionality.

You can continue to use the Matrox adaptor (matrox) with the videoinput object, or you can use the matroxcam object, which takes advantage of Matrox features.


The Matrox support, using either object, requires that you download and install the necessary files via MATLAB® Add-Ons. The Matrox Hardware support package installs the files for both the matrox adaptor for the videoinput object and the matroxcam object. For more information, see Installing the Support Packages for Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptors.

Advantages of matroxcam Object

  • More robust support for a wider configuration of supported devices. Supports more device configurations than the videoinput matrox adaptor.

  • Added support for the MIL 10.

  • Supports newer devices.

Advantages of videoinput Object

  • Uses advanced toolbox features such as buffering and callbacks

  • Supported in Image Acquisition Explorer, the VideoDevice System Object, and Simulink®

If you do not need to use any advanced toolbox features and you do not need to use the Image Acquisition Explorer, the VideoDevice System Object, or the Simulink block, use the matroxcam object to take advantage of the advanced Matrox feature support it offers.

Note that the matroxcam and matroxlist functions that are available with the matroxcam object starting in release R2015a work with MIL or MIL-Lite 10.x only. Use of the matrox adaptor with the videoinput object can use either MIL 9 or 10.