Convert referencing vector to referencing matrix

refvec2mat will be removed in a future release. Use refvecToGeoRasterReference instead, which will construct a geographic raster reference object.


R = refvec2mat(refvec,s)


R = refvec2mat(refvec,s) converts a referencing vector, refvec, to the referencing matrix R. refvec is a 1-by-3 referencing vector having elements [cells/degree north-latitude west-longitude] with latitude and longitude limits specified in degrees. s is the size of the array (data grid) that is being referenced. R is a 3-by-2 referencing matrix defining a two-dimensional affine transformation from pixel coordinates to spatial coordinates.


% Convert the geoid referencing vector to a referencing matrix
 load geoid;
R = refvec2mat(geoidlegend, size(geoid));

Introduced before R2006a