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Get capabilities document from server



capabilities = getCapabilities(server) retrieves the capabilities document from the Web map service server, server, and updates the RequestURL property of the server.


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Search the WMS Database for layers from the NASA SVS Image Server. Create a WebMapServer object from one of the layers. Get the capabilities document from the server.

nasa = wmsfind('NASA SVS Image','SearchField','servertitle');
serverURL = nasa(1).ServerURL;
server = WebMapServer(serverURL);
capabilities = getCapabilities(server);

Input Arguments

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Web map server, specified as a WebMapServer object.

Output Arguments

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Capabilities document, returned as a WMSCapabilities object.


The getCapabilities method accesses the Internet to retrieve the document. Periodically, the WMS server is unavailable. Retrieving the document can take several minutes.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a