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Mu Synthesis

Robust controller synthesis for uncertain systems

The technique of μ synthesis extends the methods of H synthesis to design a robust controller for a SISO or MIMO uncertain plant. You can perform μ synthesis on plants with parameter uncertainty, dynamic uncertainty, or both using the musyn command.

musyn uses an iterative process called D-K iteration to optimize the robust H performance of the system. To get started with μ synthesis, see Robust Controller Design Using Mu Synthesis.


musynRobust controller design using mu synthesis
musynOptionsOptions for musyn
musynperfRobust H performance optimized by musyn
cmsclsynApproximately solve constant-matrix, upper bound µ-synthesis problem


Robust Controller Design Using Mu Synthesis

Use μ synthesis to design an unstructured robust controller or a fixed-structure robust controller for an uncertain plant.

Improve Results of Mu Synthesis

You can sometimes improve the results of controller synthesis with musyn by changing certain computation options.

Robust Performance Measure for Mu Synthesis

The measure of robust performance calculated by musynperf and optimized by musyn is the μ upper bound.

D-K Iteration Process

The musyn command synthesizes robust controllers using an algorithm that includes iterating between optimizing robust performance (the D step) and computing an H controller (the K step).

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