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Hide satellite scenario entity from viewer

Since R2021a


    hide(item) hides the specified satellite scenario entity from all open instances of the Satellite Scenario Viewer.


    hide(item,viewer) hides the specified satellite scenario entity on the Satellite Scenario Viewer specified by viewer.


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    Create a satellite scenario object.

    sc = satelliteScenario;

    Add a satellite to the scenario.

    semiMajorAxis = 10000000;                           % meters
    eccentricity = 0;
    inclination = 0;                                    % degrees
    rightAscensionOfAscendingNode = 0;                  % degrees
    argumentOfPeriapsis = 0;                            % degrees
    trueAnomaly = 0;                                    % degrees
    sat = satellite(sc,semiMajorAxis,eccentricity, ...
          inclination,rightAscensionOfAscendingNode, ...

    Visualize the satellite by using the Satellite Scenario Viewer.

    viewer = satelliteScenarioViewer(sc);

    Hide the satellite from the viewer.


    Input Arguments

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    The item, specified as a Satellite, Platform, GroundStation, ConicalSensors, GroundTrack, FieldOfView, Access, or Link object. These objects must belong to the same satelliteScenario object.

    Satellite Scenario Viewer, specified as a scalar satelliteScenarioViewer object or a vector or array of satelliteScenarioViewer objects.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a