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Measure Noise Figure of Device Under Test

Use the Noise Figure Testbench block to measure the noise figure of a device under test (DUT).

Connect the blocks as shown in the model.

Set the parameters for DUT and the testbench.

Amplifier block:

  • Available power gain10 dB

  • Noise typeNoise figure

  • Noise figure (dB)4 dB

Mixer block:

  • Available power gain5 dB

  • Local oscillator frequency2.0 GHz

  • Add Image Reject filteron

  • Noise figure (dB)8 dB

  • Filter typeHighpass

  • ImplementationConstant per carrier

  • Passband edge frequency2.05 GHz

Noise Figure Testbench block:

  • Input frequency (Hz)2.1e9

  • Output frequency (Hz)0.1e9

Run the model. You will see that the display shows a OIP3 value of 4.817 dB. This value can be verified analytically using the noise figure (NF) equation provided in [1].

NF_DUT = 10*log10(F_tot) = 10*log10(F_1 + (F_2 – 1)/ A_1)

= 10*log10((10^(4/10)) + (10^(8/10) – 1)/10^(10/10)) = 4.8328 dB


Noise factor of amplifier, F_1 = 10^((4)/10)

Noise factor of mixer, F_2 = 10^((8)/10)

Gain of amplifier, A_1 = 10^(10/10)


[1] Razavi, B.. “RF Microelectronics (2nd Edition) (Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies Series).” (2011).

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