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Get Simulation Data Inspector run management mode



archive = Simulink.sdi.getAutoArchiveMode returns a logical value that indicates whether the Simulation Data Inspector automatically manages runs using the archive.

  • 1 — When you start a new simulation, the Simulation Data Inspector automatically moves the prior simulation run into the archive. In the user interface, the run moves into the collapsible Archive pane, and plots update to show data from the current simulation.

  • 0 — The Simulation Data Inspector does not manage runs automatically with the archive or update plots.


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You can configure the Simulation Data Inspector to retain only the logged data for your current simulation. In iterative design and debugging workflows, this configuration helps prevent the accumulation of unwanted logged data on disk.

First, check the configuration of the Simulation Data Inspector archive. Save the archive preference values to restore your preferences after you finish designing or debugging.

limit = Simulink.sdi.getArchiveRunLimit;
mode = Simulink.sdi.getAutoArchiveMode;

Configure the Simulation Data Inspector to automatically move runs into the archive. Then, set the archive run limit to 0.


When you simulate your model, the Simulation Data Inspector deletes the previous run and updates the view to show signals from the current simulation.

When you finish designing or debugging your model, you can restore the Simulation Data Inspector archive to the previous configuration.


Output Arguments

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Whether Simulation Data Inspector automatically manages runs using archive, returned as logical 1 (true) or 0 (false).

Version History

Introduced in R2018b