Sorted list of model blocks




slist displays a list of blocks for the root system and each nonvirtual subsystem sorted according to data dependencies and other criteria.

For each system (root or nonvirtual), slist displays:

  • Title line specifying the name of the system, the number of nonvirtual blocks that the system contains, and the number of blocks in the system that have direct feedthrough ports.

  • Entry for each block in the order in which the blocks appear in the sorted list.

For each block entry, slist displays the block ID and the name and type of the block. The block ID consists of a system index and a block index separated by a colon (sysIdx:blkIdx).

  • Block index is the position of the block in the sorted list.

  • System index is the order in which the Simulink® software generated the system sorted list. The system index has no special significance. It simply allows blocks that appear in the same position in different sorted lists to have unique identifiers.

Simulink software uses sorted lists to create block method execution lists (see elist) for root system and nonvirtual subsystem methods. In general, root system and nonvirtual subsystem methods invoke the block methods in the same order as the blocks appear in the sorted list.

Exceptions occur in the execution order of block methods. For example, execution lists for multicast models group together all blocks operating at the same rate and in the same task. Slower groups appear later than faster groups. The grouping of methods by task can result in a block method execution order that is different from the block sorted order. However, within groups, methods execute in the same order as the corresponding blocks appear in the sorted list.

sli is the short form of the command.


Display a sorted list of the root system in the vdp model using the Simulink debugger.

  1. In the MATLAB Command Window, enter:

    sldebug 'vdp'

    The MATLAB command prompt >> changes to the Simulink debugger prompt (sldebug @0): >>.

  2. Enter:


    The MATLAB Command Window displays:

    ---- Sorted list for 'vdp' [9 nonvirtual blocks, directFeed=0]
      0:0    'vdp/x1' (Integrator)
      0:1    'vdp/Out1' (Outport)
      0:2    'vdp/x2' (Integrator)
      0:3    'vdp/Out2' (Outport)
      0:4    'vdp/Scope' (Scope)
      0:5    'vdp/Fcn' (Fcn)
      0:6    'vdp/Product' (Product)
      0:7    'vdp/Mu' (Gain)
      0:8    'vdp/Sum' (Sum)

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Introduced before R2006a