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Generate Report of Lookup Table

Generate a report of one or more lookup tables in a model. Lookup Table Editor supports report generation only for the n-D Lookup Table, 1-D Lookup Table, n-D Lookup Table, Interpolation Using Prelookup, Prelookup, and Direct Lookup Table blocks. Lookup Table Editor returns a message for blocks for which it does not generate a report.

  1. Start the model sldemo_fuelsys.

  2. Open the Lookup Table Editor. For example, type lookupTableEditor in the MATLAB® Command Window.

  3. In the lookup table path browser, type openExample('sldemo_fuelsys') and press Enter.

    The sldmeo_fuelsys model and the subsystems that contain lookup table blocks display in the Lookup Table Blocks pane.

    sldemo_fuelsys in Lookup Table Blocks pane

  4. Select fuel_rate_control, then click Generate Report.

  5. The software evaluates the number of lookup tables in the model (5). Click OK.

  6. The software generates an HTML file, saved to current_folder/lookupTableReport.html. Each numbered section of the file contains a report of a lookup table, including information such as:

    • Breakpoint data BP1 versus BP2.

    • A plot of the lookup table outputs against the breakpoints

    • Data types

    • Notes about the report generation.

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