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Enable disabled custom edit-time check

Since R2022a



edittime.enableCheck(checkID) enables the disabled custom edit-time check checkID. The Model Advisor disables custom edit-time checks that take longer than 500 milliseconds to run in at least three different models.


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Re-enable a check that took too long to execute.

Suppose you have a custom edit-time check with the check identifier advisor.edittimecheck.PortColor that takes longer than 500 milliseconds to execute and the Model Advisor disables the check. When the Model Advisor disables the check, it displays a warning on the Simulink® canvas.

To re-enable the check, provide the check identifier as the input to the edittime.enableCheck function.


Input Arguments

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Check identifier for a custom edit-time check, specified as a string.

Example: "advisor.edittimecheck.PortColor"

Data Types: string

Version History

Introduced in R2022a