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Open Simulink Real-Time explorer and interact with target computers and real-time applications

Since R2020b



slrtExplorer opens the Simulink® Real-Time™ explorer.

Simulink Real-Time explorer provides a UI for viewing connection status and interacting with a real-time application. You can:

  • View a hierarchical display of signals.

  • Tune parameters.

  • Stream data to the Simulation Data Inspector.


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The explorer provides a view of signals in the real-time application. From this view, you can select signals to stream to the Simulation Data Inspector and visualize the data.

  1. Open the Simulink Real-Time explorer. Type:

  2. To connect to the selected target computer, click Connect.

  3. To select and load a real-time application, click Load Application and select the MLDATX file.

  4. To select signals for streaming, click the application name, select signals from the Signals tab, and click the Add selected signals button.

  5. To run the application and generate data for streaming, click the Run button.

  6. To stream the signal data, select the signals in the Group signals to stream for SDI list and click the Stream Signal Group to SDI button.

  7. To view the streaming signals, click the Open in SDI button.

  8. After viewing the data, to stop the real-time application, click the Stop button.

Version History

Introduced in R2020b