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Test Harness to Generate IV Characteristics of N-Channel IGBT

This example provides test harness for estimating current-voltage characteristics of a N-Channel IGBT.

For more information on designing and analyzing a three-phase converter, refer examples,

  1. ee_converter_design_igbt_switchingloss_testharness.

  2. ee_converter_design_igbt_thermal_analysis.

To access the overall workflow, click on the hyperlink in the model canvas or, at the MATLAB® Command Window, type:

edit ee_converter_design_igbt_workflow.mlx

Test Harness for IGBT Steady State Characteristics

This model provides test harness to plot the steady state $$ (I_{ce}\; versus \; V_{ce}) $$ curve for different junction temperature $$(T_{j}) $$ and gate-emitter voltage $$(V_{ge}) $$.

IV Characteristics Simulation Results

IV Characteristics at Full range

This plot shows IGBT IV curve for $$V_{ce} $$ from 0 to $$V_{dc} $$

IV Characteristics Near Vce(sat)

This plot shows IV curve near IGBT on-state $$V_{ce} $$ voltage from 0 to $$2V_{cesat} $$