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Convert OpenCV KeyPoints object to MATLAB structure

Since R2021b



    mlstruct = keyPointsToStruct(keypoints) converts an OpenCV KeyPoints object to a MATLAB® structure.


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    This example shows how to use the prebuilt MATLAB interface for the OpenCV function cv::Fast in MATLAB to detect keypoints in an image. Additionally, use the keyPointsToStruct utility function to write the keypoints returned by the OpenCV cv::Fast function to a MATLAB structure.

    Add the MATLAB interface to OpenCV package names to the import list.

    import clib.opencv.*;
    import vision.opencv.util.*;

    Read an image into the MATLAB workspace.

    img = imread("elephant.jpg");

    Create MATLAB interface objects for the OpenCV MatND and InputArray classes to store the input image.

    [inputMat,inputArray] = createMat(img);

    Create a MATLAB interface object for the OpenCV KeyPoint vector by using the clibArray function.

    keyPointsVec = clibArray("",0);

    Specify the parameters for computing keypoints using the FAST detector.

    threshold = 100;
    nonmaxSuppression = true;

    Compute keypoints in the image by calling the OpenCV function cv::FAST in MATLAB.


    Convert the KeyPoints object returned by the OpenCV function into a MATLAB structure.

    mlstruct = keyPointsToStruct(keyPointsVec);

    Inspect the fields in the output MATLAB structure.

    mlstruct = struct with fields:
           Location: [48x2 double]
              Scale: [48x1 double]
             Metric: [48x1 double]
               Misc: [48x1 double]
        Orientation: [48x1 double]

    Display the input image and plot the detected keypoints.

    hold on
    hold off

    Input Arguments

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    OpenCV KeyPoints class, specified as a MATLAB interface object. This interface object is a representation of the KeyPoints class returned by any of the OpenCV functions for keypoint detection.

    Output Arguments

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    Keypoints detected using the OpenCV function, returned as a MATLAB structure with fields Location, Scale, Metric, Misc, and Orientation.

    Locationx and y-coordinates of the keypoints.
    ScaleDiameter of the neighborhood region around the keypoints.
    MetricStrength of the keypoints.
    OrientationOrientation of the keypoints.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021b