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Number of scattering orders



no = numorders(sf) returns the number of orders for the wavelet image scattering network, sf. The number of orders is equal to Nfb + 1, where Nfb is the number of filter banks in sf.


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Calculate the number of orders for the default wavelet image scattering network.

sf = waveletScattering2
sf = 
  waveletScattering2 with properties:

             ImageSize: [128 128]
       InvarianceScale: 64
          NumRotations: [6 6]
        QualityFactors: [1 1]
             Precision: 'single'
    OversamplingFactor: 0
          OptimizePath: 1

no = numorders(sf)
no = 3

Input Arguments

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Wavelet image scattering network, specified as a waveletScattering2 object.

Version History

Introduced in R2018b