Can we disable/reduce Editor font smoothing (R2021b)?

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Andres on 5 Nov 2021
Commented: Zhaoyang Xiang alrededor de 20 horas ago
Is there a way to disable or reduce font smoothing / antialiasing in the Matlab Editor?
Compared to the Command Window and e.g. the Editor in R2020a, the Editor in R2021b now renders fonts differently, with an overly smoothed result that I find quite fatiguing at least on my display.
The strength of the effect differs depending on the font (top: Editor, bottom: Command Window).
(The appearance is not perfectly reproduced here due to the inherent lossy image compression on Matlab Answers.)

Accepted Answer

Ashutosh Singh Baghel
Ashutosh Singh Baghel on 15 Nov 2021
Hi Andres,
To disable the "font smoothing / antialiasing" in the Matlab Editor in Linux, deselect the option "Use antialiasing to smooth desktop fonts" . On Microsoft® Windows® and macOS platforms, MATLAB uses system setting for antialiasing.
For further information, please refer to the following Documentation Page.
Zhaoyang Xiang
Zhaoyang Xiang alrededor de 20 horas ago
I am using an R2021b Update 2 version, and met with the same problem. The "overly-rendered" font in the Editor window never changed even if I tried to modify the "anti-aliasing" settings and restart everything, while in the Command window the font can be changed instantly.
Especially, I noticed that several fonts displayed as the same "Consolas-like" font, such as Consolas, Lucida Sans, and Monospaced, which basically means that those fonts cannot display as expected.

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