pdist2 output is larger than expected

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X= pdist2 (A,B, "chebychev")
A and B both are 3000x3 arrays (x,y,z data).
Why is X a 3000x3000 array rather than a 3000x1 array?
This seems to give the right answer though... why?
Z =diag(pdist2 (A,B, "chebychev"));

Accepted Answer

Dave B
Dave B on 15 Nov 2021
pdist2 is providing all the pairwise distances. It compares row 1 of A with row 1 of B (Z(1,1)), then row 1 of A with row 2 of B (Z(1,2) and Z(2,1)), etc. Along the diagonal are the matching row cases.

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