MATLAB locking the clipboard which causes errors in Excel and other apps.

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Just opening matlab seems to lock the windows clipbaord in such a way that copy and pasting still works; however, it's causing errors to appear in Excel and other apps.
The error message in Excel is: "There's a problem with the clipboard, but you can still paste your content within this workbook.". Which sounds like an Excel problem.
However digging into this I found that the error in Excel only ever occures after opening Matlab. If I reboot I can do everything in Excel without issue, as soon as I open Matlab the errors start appearing. I dont even run anything in Matlab, just open the software.
So my question is what's Matlab doing in the background on startup that's effecting the windows clipboard?
I'm using Windows 10 Enterprise, MATLAB 2020a and Excel 365 MSO 16 32bit

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