I am using genetic algorithm optimization toolbox. i have done evrything i am also getting output and all. but i want is i want the output in particular range.

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For example
function t=compST(input)
x(1) = input(1);
x(2) = input(2)
x(3) = input(3)
x(4) = input(4)
x(5) = input(5)
t = 122.14-0.84.*x(1)-0.42.*x(2)+0.34.*x(3)-0.09.*x(4)+363.77.*x(5);
output = [t]
here t is compressive strenth . i want the t in range of 40-80 MPA range how can i do that

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Mar 2022
Edited: Walter Roberson on 10 Mar 2022
If you are using ga() then the above link shows you how to halt if the function value is within a specified value.
harsh Brar
harsh Brar on 11 Mar 2022
Edited: harsh Brar on 14 Mar 2022
i wanna thank you wholeheartedly. i am absolute beginner in matlab. i have been spinning my mind around this for a while now. thank you.

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