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PA on 31 Oct 2022
Commented: DGM on 31 Oct 2022
How can i use plots instead of rectangle function for plotting?

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DGM on 31 Oct 2022
Edited: DGM on 31 Oct 2022
Given the same position vector that would be used for rectangle():
% the position parameter used by rectangle()
pos = [0 0 20 10]; % [x y w h]
% rearrange to create a point list
x = pos(1) + pos(3)*[0 1 1 0 0];
y = pos(2) + pos(4)*[0 0 1 1 0];
% plot it
If you intend to replicate other functionality of rectangle(), that will be more complicated.
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DGM on 31 Oct 2022
You have some offset in your position data. That's not something I can know from this information. Look at whatever calculations you're using to caclulate the center positions of the holes. Work backwards from there.

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