Injected active in the generator bus, load active and reactive power greater than specfied if the load is set to CONSTANT IMPEDANCE

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I have a three machines network, and I realized that the power injected in the generator buses of the three machines are greater than the specified mechanical power input if I set my load as constant impedance load and the solution converges. The specified PL and QL of the loads also increases. If my load is constant current, constant power load (PQ), residential loads or other form form of static loads, the injected active power is the generator bus is alwars less than mechanical power input.
Please what is the likely problem? or should assume the solution is OK?
I created the same model on SIMULINK, and I use series RLC branch to model my constant impedance load and dynamic load to model constant PQload. To my surprise the result of series RLC branch is the same for PQ load in the analytics while that of constant PQ is seen for constant impedance, meaning the results are swapped.
Please advise me
Thank you

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