how to append data from mat file.?

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pruth on 15 Feb 2016
Answered: dpb on 16 Feb 2016
hello. guys... my data is so heavy(4-5 gb data) taking so much time for loading ... i have some mat files...they are actuality cell array...files are like brodata.mat <5136 *2>, brodata1.mat <4328*2>,brodata2.mat <4367*2>,brodata3.mat <5328*2>..... i am trying to make only one file (cell array) ..which contain all the variables from these files i.e <19159 *2 >.
pruth on 16 Feb 2016
in each cell array there are two column , like bellow
<15094x3 double> 735965.041666667
<15072x3 double> 735965.083333333
<15096x3 double> 735965.166666667
<15078x3 double> 735965.250000000
<15101x3 double> 735965.291666667
<15070x3 double> 735965.375000000
<15097x3 double> 735965.458333333
<15106x3 double> 736145.625000000
<15137x3 double> 736145.708333333
<15111x3 double> 736145.791666667
<15133x3 double> 736145.833333333
<15132x3 double> 736145.916666667
i want one file which contain all the data from all cell array. i want next cell arrays two column should append here below these two columns. hope u understand. i m little slow in English.

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Answers (1)

dpb on 16 Feb 2016
I expect you'll just make your loading time worse but I'd use the matfile object to try this and see how it goes...
Start by making a copy of the first file in a new file so have a way to recover if having a huge file isn't the answer to your problems...
copyfile('brodata.mat','newbro.mat') % make the initial new file
newObj=matfile('newbro.mat','Writeable','true'); % create matfile object as writeable
d=dir('brodata*.mat'); % get the list of files
for 2=1:length(d) % process; skip the base (dir returns ordered list)
data=load d(i).name; % get the data from the file[;data];
clear data % get rid of extra copy
In all likelihood the above will run into memory issues as it does create a copy in memory
"data" above is a placeholder for your cell variable name in your files; use whatever it is.
You can -append to a .mat file, but only additional variables with save; if you use the same variable name it replaces that name, it does not add onto that array internally -- illustration:
>> whos -file new.mat
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
c 4x2 6912 cell
>> c
c =
[100x2 double] [7.3638e+05]
[100x2 double] [7.3638e+05]
>> save new.mat c -append
>> whos -file new.mat
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
c 2x2 3456 cell
Net result is the 2x2 from memory replace the already existing 4x2 on file.
Only way I can think of to create larger arrays on file w/o holding in memory would be to create stream files (which don't support cell arrays well). Then you could do simple file system copy but you lose the existing data structure.

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