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How do I change font size for Live Scripts?

Asked by Philip
on 5 Mar 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Dhananjay Kumar on 8 Jul 2019
The option to change the font size for the new "Live Scripts" is not in preferences where you can change all the other font sizes. On my installation, the Live Script font size is about 8, way too small. Thanks for the help.


Definitely a major issue. I tried using the live editor in my class today and the tiny font made it useless.
While you're at it, why not let us customize everything in the output, say with a style sheet?
When presenting, "Ctrl Shift +" can help increase the font size.
I had the same problem. I partially worked-around it using the "Export as PDF" option. It does a pretty well job and the output can be scaled how much you want.
Of course this is just a partial work-around as the PDF is no longer interactive!

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2 Answers

Answer by Daniel Borrus on 1 Feb 2017
 Accepted Answer

Finally figured it out.
On a mac, command+minus. Zoom in is command+plus.


It doesn't work , i want to resize my live editor , do anybody know the shortcut for zoom out in the live editor on a mac an MathlabVersion 2017a
It depends on your keyboard layout (why, Mathworks?). I have a Mac with a Danish keyboard, but had to switch to US keyboard layout in order to decrease the font size.
An easier option is CMD-scroll which was suggested by Emmanuel Vergara.
Madhan Ravi accepted the answer since the OP did'nt

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Answer by emmanuel vergara on 13 Nov 2017

In windows using Matlab 2017b, press control and then scroll up or down with your mouse, it will change the size of everything displayed in the live script.


Thanks! This also works on Ubuntu 18.04LTS.
Thanks! It works on 2019a.
Thanks a lot, worked in MATLAB 2019a

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