What kind of function calls are supported from within State Transition Tables?

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Luca Barbiero
Luca Barbiero on 26 Sep 2016
Commented: Luca Barbiero on 26 Sep 2016
I've read here that "State Transition Tables do not support chart-level functions (graphical, truth table, MATLAB, and Simulink)".
Does it mean they don't support any kind of function call in condition/action statements? I guess I may at least call some external C/C++ custom code, but I think this is not really the best way to go, because of limitations about requirements traceability.
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Luca Barbiero
Luca Barbiero on 26 Sep 2016
Pheraps I can define MATLAB/Truth Tables/Simulink blocks at the parent model level, and then get those to communicate with the State Transition Table block by mean of input triggers and function call outputs?

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