Why is the excel file I export from SIMULINK to MATLAB corrupted?

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So I have a SIMULINK model and I export it to MATLAB. I do this by using the "To Workspace" block. I go to MATLAB and export the data to an excel file. I do this by running a simple command:
save filename.xls A
Every time I go an try to open the excel file in Excel 2016, it deems the file corrupt and a bunch of gibberish appears on the screen. Any thoughts to why this happens?

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Ankitha Kollegal Arjun
Ankitha Kollegal Arjun on 8 Feb 2017
Hi Justin,
I could reproduce the issue you are facing. The issue is with the way in which you are saving the data to the Excel file. "xlswrite" should be used instead of "save".
That is, instead of:
save filename.xls A
Please refer the documentation for more information on using "xlswrite":

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