How can I compare vectors using if statement?

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minsoo kim
minsoo kim on 30 Nov 2017
Commented: minsoo kim on 30 Nov 2017
Let's say I have vectors,
1. T (1 x 513) 2. F (1 x 30) 3. S (513 x 30)
As you see, T is time, F is frequency and S is output of short time fourier transform using the T and F.
S(i,j) represents the amplitude of the signal at 'i'th element of time and 'j'th element of frequency.
What I'm going to do is like below.
Let T(j)=1
case X1<F(i)<Y1
if S(i,j)>100
return A;
case X2<F(i)<Y1
if S(i,j)>100
return B;
return C;
I already have STFT function.
But problem is, I don't know how to make this case and if statement using matlab.
plz help me.

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